Everest Tea Estate: Premium Gift Box

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Everest Tea Estate is a nature conscious tea plantation and tea producer. They offer a wide range of types of teas. In order to tap the corporate market as well as promoting their own products indirectly, they decided to create a tea box housing three of their best types of teas.


I was tasked with creating the overall package design of the tea box and the tea packets. The shape of the box, the way the tea would be presented, and the overall unboxing experience. I had to create a box design that would appeal to the targeted audience and highlight some aspect of the culture of our country.


I created the key illustration, the smaller design elements, package design for the box and the smaller tea packs, and the accompanying brochure. I was also responsible for collaborating with the print vendors to assist in adapting the designs for print, and ensuring that the printing was consistent throughout the production.


There were a few challenges in this project. The first one was settling on the direction of the key illustration. There were a few options that were preliminarily explored. We knew that we had to make an illustration that represented a key visual related to our country. The other challenge was designing the smaller tea packs. The packs had to be imported in bulk so customizing them individually was not financially feasible. We had to find a way to create a dynamic design for the packages that was economical but still not diminishing the premium design of the overall package.

Rough sketches that were explored before we settled on a direction.


After multiple explorations, it was decided that we would create two sets of boxes. One would feature an fictional composition featuring the cultural heritages in and around the Kathmandu Valley as well as the himalayan range. The other illustration would be of Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. Both illustrations represent crucial cultural landmarks in the context of Nepal. The tea packs were printed in a plain white package along with the address of the manufacturer which would be constant regardless of the tea type. Segments of the key illustration was used to make a set of transparent stickers which could be pasted over the packages that acted to inform about the type of tea. The stickers also added a functional advantage as they could be used to fasten the packs after they were opened initially.

The final packaging and the unboxing experience.