Flora Fromage: Plant Based Cheese

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Flora Fromage is a company that strives to provide tasty alternatives to dairy using nuts and other plant based options. The company came into being in 2018 when the founder started experimenting with cashews and other nuts to provide a tasty dairy free alternative for cheese.

Logomark for Flora Fromage


My task was fairly straightforward. I was tasked with creating the logo for the company and I had to make sure that the logo reflected the plant-based nature of the products.


I was responsible for creating the logo designs. I created the illustrative icon and adapted the typography around it.


The most challenging part in this project was to represent the idea that the cheese was plant based. Plant based cheese and dairy based cheese aren’t visually different in any major way. So being able to communicate the idea that the cheese was plant based took some brainstorming.


The solution that I arrived at was using a truncated tree and making it look as if it was filled with cheese. I felt like that communicated the idea of a plant based cheese really well.

Logo and Packaging mockups for Flora Fromage