Off Grid Bazaar: Remote Project Monitoring and Project Management

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Off Grid Bazaar (OGB) is a project management tool designed to monitor solar water pumps in real-time. Gham Power sells solar water pumps coupled with their patent-pending IoT hardware that sends on-site data in real-time to their cloud storage. The software is designed to access the cloud storage and assist the user in monitoring individual systems in real-time. 


I was tasked with redesigning the existing project management and monitoring system to accommodate future stakeholders and other possible collaborations. 


I was given the complete responsibility of communicating with the stakeholders, documenting their needs as users, and prioritizing their needs in terms of development phases. I was also responsible for being in constant communication with the stakeholders and gathering their subjective feedback on the design as well as conducting user testing sessions. I also had to act as a liaison between the company and the team the development was outsourced to.


One of the biggest challenges that we faced was during the testing phase. The users expected full-fledged products while the system was still in the early stages of design. There was also a section that required the user to fill up 50+ form fields to properly document the process. A high priority requirement from the stakeholder. 


The only possible solution was to increase the fidelity of the prototypes. Even highly experimental sections and had a high chance of being rejected were all linked and functional. And for the form design, the form fields were divided into multiple sections and sub-sections by grouping similar ones. Then a flow was designed to accommodate all the fields coherently.