IBCF: International Brotherhood of Commercial Fisherman

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Logo Design

The International Brotherhood of Commercial Fisherman is a community of commercial fishermen throughout the globe. The community actively participates in ensuring the rights and safety of commercial fishermen and creates a sense of belonging among the various crews working out at sea. The community also creates a network that enables sharing of innovation and technology to increase by-catch efficiency and better feed the people dependent on their hard work.

The final wordmark for the brotherhood, and the badge illustration in the background.


I was assigned the task of creating a logo that is energetic and eye catching. The logo would be used across various media and needed to be fit for use in web, print and other marketing avenues. The logo would be used across the drink line up and had to be flexible to accomodate color changes. The logo would be updated with reference to the major ingredients in the particular line of beverage.


I was tasked with making a logo for the brotherhood in the shape of a badge. They wanted to include symbols related to sailing and fishing. 

Application of the full logo and the smaller badge variation.