KCM Devils: College Mascot

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The devil is the mascot of the sports team of KCM (Kathmandu College of Management), the “KCM Devils”. The KCM Sports Club has been organizing a renowned annual basketball tournament “KCM Basketball Bash”. The college was about to start a new innitiative. An annual soccer tournament, the Devil’s Cup.

The updated wordmark for the KCM Devils.


I was tasked with updating the existing mascot illustration and creating a new set of illustrations to be used for promoting the Devil’s Cup. The Devil mascot was originally pictured holding a basketball in the earlier iterations. I had to update the mascot and create multiple poses with reference to various sports. One for Basketball, one for Football and one general pose.


I was undertaking the role of the illustrator and the logo designer in this project.


The project was fairly straightforward. The only challenge was to make the illustration detailed but still functional at small sizes and to make the devil friendly. The client wanted to lean more on the devil being playful and happy, rather than evil and angry.


The key to proper functionality at various sizes was to reduce the smaller details and focus on broader ones. The design was approached extremely methodically. The process started from a proper silhouette and only the extremely crucial details were added. This made the mascot easily readable. The emotional undertone of the devil was edited by focusing on a leaner body shape and adding rounded features to the facial structure of the character.

The mascot illustration process.

Application of the mascot illustration and the wordmark.