Mr. Hyde: Illustrative Logo

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Mr. Hyde is a luxury leather goods company. They want to establish themselves as purveyors of artisanal luxury. They create bespoke and timeless leather products.

The wordmark for Mr. Hyde along with the icon design in the background.


I was assigned the task of creating a logo that evoked a sense of personalised luxury. They wanted to communicate through their branding that they paid personal attention to everything they made.


I was responsible for designing the logo for the company.


The client had an idea of having a face as their logo. The challenge was to create a face that seemed friendly but trustworthy. The logo also had to work as a stamp as they had to brand their products.


This particular face was settled on after multiple iterations. It was an almost hit and trial process. The rendering of the face borrowed inspiration from graffiti stencils as they are usually great examples of optimizing the balance between the light and shade while maintaining a minimalist approach to design.

Logo applications in products and stationary design.