My Emotions Matter: Website Redesign

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My Emotions Matter is a company dedicated to spreading social-emotional learning in Nepal and all over the world. Since their team is composed of fairly young individuals they noted that it was difficult for them to establish themselves as credible to their clients. They wanted to restructure their website in terms of content and placement to create a sense of expertise and professionalism. They also wanted their website to communicate clearly about what it is that they really do.  

Specific sections from the website


I was tasked with designing a website that created a sense of expertise and communicated about their work. 


My primary role was that of a designer. I had to take the content and place it in a way that made it easy to consume and internalize by the viewer. However, before the design process even started, I was also involved in the content process. Assuming a beginner's mindset and filtering the content to ensure that even people unaware about Emotional Intelligence could still process the information and get something out of the website. 

Website design for My Emotions Matter