OGB Connect: Lead Management Solution

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OGB Connect is an application designed to streamline the Lead Generation and Lead Management Process. It is a specialized tool designed to meet the requirements of its users and nothing more. 

Logo design for OGB Connect


The company already had an existing lead management system in place. A mobile and web application to manage leads. However, the users weren't satisfied and there were almost no leads being registered. I had to identify the user's problems, figure out their pain points and address them in a new design.


I was given the complete responsibility of conducting User Research, Documentation, and Presentation of the findings and creating a solution that addressed the problems of the Users. I prepared the questionnaire, visited the users, observed them in their work environment, and tried to distill their problems with the existing system. I also had to design the User Interface and act as a liaison between the company and the team the development was outsourced to. 


One of the main challenges in this project was to create a rapport with the users. Getting them to trust me enough to open up about their problems with the system was quite complicated. Another challenge was prioritizing the needs of the users. Since multiple people were interviewed during the research, a wide variety of needs were documented. Organizing the needs in terms of priority and finding an overlap between the user's needs and the business's goals was tough at times.

User Requirement Gathering and Brainstorming Solutions


The main problem that we identified was that the users were finding the existing system to be too cumbersome. With more than 25 fields to fill, about 6 minutes was spent on average while registering a single lead. This highly demotivated the users to continue with the process. The solution was a simple and elegant application that let users register the leads by just filling two mandatory fields and reducing the time to about 20 seconds. This had a huge impact on the user's mindset and the number of leads being registered through the application started increasing. 

The Redesigned Lead Management Solution