Tea Bandits: Just Damn Good Tea

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The Tea Bandits is a company that aims to grow their own way in the tea market. They stand away from conventions and follow their own vision and stand for individuality, honesty and strength. The brand is inspired by people who do not bend, and people who make their own freedom.

Logo Lockup on a dark background


I was tasked with creating designs that were inspired by the craft coffee aesthetic. The design had to be unmistakable, powerful and rustic looking.


I was responsible for creating the logo designs and a few emblems that could help in creating a versatile branding approach. I had to create branding assets that seemed like they were part of the same family but still stood apart from each other ever so slightly.


The most challenging part of this project was the key visual for the logo. Tea has come to be associated with a sense of calm and relaxation. Creating a logo that was for a tea company while still retaining that rustic and bold imagery was a fun challenge to push through.


After a bunch of experiments and brainstorming, I created an illustrative icon of a skull shaped cup with a tea tag hanging over. After that, everything simply fell into place and the logo almost designed itself. The emblems have a monogram as the key element. The typography for the branding includes rustic slab serif and cursive text in two colors.

Logo and packaging mockup exploration