Wilder: Rebranding and Label Design

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Wilder Foods which later evolved into wilder.co is a re-branded version of Fetch Meal Prep, a premade meal delivery company. They already had an existing logo and label design for the existing brand. However, they wanted to scale the company and make changes to the overall brand. They wanted to communicate the idea of using modern technology and advanced logistics to create clean food.


I had been provided with a few references from the client and had to adhere to the directions I was given.  I had to create a new logo for the company, and create stationary designs around the logo that would be created and have a label design for the packaged food. I also had to create label designs for the meals that would include the format of the old label but communicated the new brand message.


I was responsible for creating the logo designs and weighing each option in collaboration with the client to ensure that the message of the brand was communicated clearly. I also had to create label designs for the meal.


The most challenging part of this project was the label design. The design had to be such that it would be easy to differentiate the meal boxes from one another. Another challenge was with the content placement in the label. The design had to be flexible as the content changed with respect to the meal. The difference in the length of the content was quite significant so the negative space around the content varied a lot. This meant that all the edge cases had to be considered to ensure that the design held strong regardless of the content. Another challenge was realized later on in the project. I was provided a dimension in which I had to design all the labels. However, after communicating with the printers, the client found out that the cost of printing was above the budget for the project. The design had to be updated in such a way that the content would remain the same but the size of the label would be reduced. 

Logo and Packaging exploration.


The easiest solution to tackle was differentiating the labels from one another. I went with a design that varied the colors in each label. Since the logo worked well in solid black and white, I was not limited in my color exploration. Also, since the label would be wrapped around the container, the label was designed such that the food item’s name would be visible from the top as well as from the side. The dynamic content also turned out to be fairly simple. The most important part was to separate the content that would remain the same from the content that would be different every time. Then, the content was placed such that the dynamic text would have enough space for the longest edge case and not clash with the space for the static elements. Accomodating for the reduction in the workable area was a difficult challenge. This was only possible by pushing each element to their limits in terms of their legibility while remaining small in size.  At the same time, it was important to make sure that the layout would function with all the elements resized in terms of the negative space. At the end, I did a test print and after it was verified through trial that all elements were legible and functional, the design was sent for approval.

Final Label and Business Card Designs