A story & a face

My journey in design has been strange to say the least. My first experience with any designing tool was in the late 2000s when I realized I could add moustaches to people using Photoshop. I kept experimenting with it and got moderately good at using Photoshop by the early 2010s thanks to the tutorials by Phlearn. Around the same time, I had started working as a book cover illustrator after someone liked my watercolor paintings I was making at art class. While I was adjusting the paintings for print, I stumbled upon the field of graphic design and went down the rabbit hole of YouTube tutorials and online classes on Coursera.

Question everything generally thought to be obvious

- Dieter Rams

I was also lucky enough to have a few friends suggest that I look into designing logos to make some pocket change. I quickly realized that there was a lot that I needed to learn if I wanted to design good logos. I started looking into the principles of design and hoping that I’d learn “on-site”, I started working as a full-time graphic designer in 2016. After working full-time in a wide range of organizations, across many fields, I realized that I wanted to have a more unfiltered approach to dealing with clients and follow Seth Godin’s advice to “do work that matters for people who care”.

Currently, I am working as a freelance Brand Designer, UI/UX Designer, Digital Artist, and Visual Consultant. I am experimenting with photography, digital art and illustration, 3D designs, and a little bit of front-end development.

Poon Hill: November, 2019