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Product Design

I re-designed a lead management pipeline

Gham Power, a multiple award-winning solar company, had been working with microfinance organizations to make their IoT-based yield improvement solutions more accessible to rural farmers. They had even designed a lead collector application for that very purpose. I was brought in to increase lead generation and improve the pre-existing app.


The users were finding the current method complicated and difficult

The original application was serving two purposes: lead collection and gathering data on farmers. This meant that for a lead to be registered, the entire farming details of that farmer would have to be registered as well. There were 27 mandatory fields and 20+ additional fields that were optional. The form took more than 6 minutes and 40 seconds to fill out completely.

My Role

Working as the primary design lead, I had a few roles to fulfill. While working on this project, I was responsible for

  • Conducting user interviews and user testing
  • Designing a questionnaire that would help us quantify the user’s behavior, requirements, and needs
  • Create an application that met the spec
  • Look after the design handover to the development team, as well as plan and conduct alpha testing


How we solved the problem

The existing lead generation method had been used for more than a year already and it involved people from different organizations. And the involvement of multiple parties meant that a drastic re-design would have to be backed with a strong rationale.

User research and user testing

Data based decision making

MVP release and AB testing before scaling


Highlights of the outcome

There was a lot of uncertainty with regards to the re-design before it was launched. Would the user group accept the re-design? Would the re-design drive up the lead generation? These questions were valid and prominent before the product was launched. Despite the self-doubt and the preliminary resistance, the outcomes were worth everything.

User Acceptance

A minimal redesign

Brand new lead management pipeline


Working as the primary design lead, I had a few roles to fulfill. While working on this project, I was responsible for

  • Interacting with my fellow citizens from a rural setting was a truly humbling experience. I also had a newfound respect for the farming population and more gratitude for the food I got to eat.
  • It is important to conduct user interviews as soon as possible. There is a good chance that our assumptions are off by a significant amount and recalibrating assumptions early on saves a lot of time and effort.
  • Creating questionnaires that can convert subjective information into quantifiable data helps in bringing everyone on the same page and reduces the chances of personal bias.


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