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UI Re-design

I re-designed a company's website

My Emotions Matter is an education initiative that helps individuals and teams learn Emotional Intelligence mindset and skills through workshops, courses, coaching, and consulting. They aim at reducing misunderstandings, miscommunications, and unhealthy conflicts through their offerings for both organizations and individuals alike. I have been involved in My Emotions Matter in various degrees and when they asked for my assistance in redesigning their website, I was thrilled.


They were struggling with their communication

The company was struggling to communicate about their work. They knew that they were doing an important job. The people they were talking to also knew that they were doing an important job. However, the details of how they were doing it and what they were exactly doing had been difficult for them to communicate. Also, since they were seeking to have more B2B transactions than B2C transactions, they wanted to present themselves accordingly. They wanted to create a website that would help them build trust and credibility while looking professional.


Some screengrabs from the old website of My Emotions Matter

My Role

I was the only designer on the team. looked after the UI of the website and created the other UI elements like icons and graphs.


How we solved the problem

After the initial meeting, it was clear that finding the right tone to communicate was crucial for the business's success. And the packaging had to cater to both businesses and individuals. So that is where we focused on.

Creating clear content

Creating an appealing presentation


Highlights from the outcome

The outcome was a rewarding experience. A minimal website was created with clear navigational patterns to guide the users based on their requirements. The company has seen significant growth in the quality of its leads and a noticeable improvement in its interactions with its clients. The clients have more clarity on what they want and what offerings they seek.

Some mockups of the final designs


Working on this website came with its fair share of lessons.

  • I realized that having a clear problem definition makes a ton of difference as all the people involved can have a clear goal in their minds.
  • Having multiple target audiences is complicated and finding a visual overlap that is suitable for all of them is challenging.


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