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System Design

I designed a gamified learning app for rural farmers in Nepal

"Super Krishak" is an initiative by Gham Power for efficient delivery of agri-advisory to its large network of rural small-holder farmers. Gham Power has undertaken many initiatives to disperse information related to profitable and sustainable agriculture to its farmer network. Krishak App aims to gamify that process and uplift the rural farmers in Nepal.


A tailored learning experience for the targeted audience

Gham Power had been providing free and paid agri-training to small-holder farmers in Nepal for a long time. However, there was a need for a system to increase the involvement of farmers and to find out if the farmers were implementing what they had learned. There was also the problem of the lack of access to information for farmers who may have access to the internet but cannot access reliable information sources due to their lack of command of the English language. Apart from that, there was also the need for a control center that handled all of the ongoing processes.

My Role

I was the lead designer involved in the process and I was responsible for designing the UI for the whole application as well as working with the in-house agri-team to plan the features and the overall presentation of the application. I was also responsible for the handover of the final designs to the development team.


How we solved the problem

While it was an important problem to solve, there was no clear answer. It was important for the whole team to come together and brainstorm our way out of this fix. After much consideration, there were a few approaches that helped us move ahead.

Market Research

Gathering data from farmers

Working with agri-experts to discover relevant ideas


Highlights of the outcome

The end product exceeded expectations. The whole gamified application as well as the back-end was very well received and is acting as a good base for further improvements in the system.


Curated Agri-feed

Bespoke system control


Working as the primary design lead, I had a few roles to fulfill. While working on this project, I was responsible for

  • I realized the importance of micro-interactions in an application and how easy it is to miss them when working on a tight deadline.
  • I learned to politely say no to requests for completely new features from clients when deadlines were approaching.


Product design for smooth last mile distribution


Website redesign for effective communication

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