A constant work in progress

My journey in design has been strange, to say the least. My first experience with designing tools was in the late 2000s when I realized I could add mustaches to people using Photoshop. I kept experimenting with Photoshop with the help of Phlearn and gradually got good at it. Around the same time, someone saw my watercolor paintings and I got a gig as a book cover illustrator. While adjusting the covers for print, I stumbled upon the field of graphic design. That led me down a deep rabbit hole of hundreds of YouTube tutorials and online classes on Coursera.

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Thank you for going through the website. If you want to work on a project together or just want to share your thoughts on my work, I would be more than grateful if you contacted me through one of the listed social media accounts or by filling up the contact form. I would also love to know if you have any changes you’d like to see on the website itself.

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