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SaaS Product Design

I maintained and improved the UX of a product

Angelswing is a cloud platform that enables its users to create a digital twin of their construction sites with drone-captured imagery and 360 site captures. The platform allows for efficient inspection, planning, and management without having to ever visit the jobsite. That’s made possible with automatic data processing, CAD visualizations paired with accurate scans and measurements, and realistic construction machinery simulation.


Unstructured design process led to isolated workflows and internal misalignment

The company was operating with a primary focus on swiftly rolling out features and resolving user concerns along the way. However, there wasn’t a strong emphasis on adhering to a well-defined or a structured design process. As a result, activities such as research, design documentation, and testing were somewhat overlooked. Moreover, the only designer who worked part-time as a contractor, had limited interactions with the development team. That led to extremely isolated workflows. Additionally, there was inadequate alignment among the various internal stakeholders and there wasn’t a synchronized approach.

My Role

As the only UX Designer, I had a few roles to fulfill

  • Engaged in user research and user testing sessions while maintaining design documentation
  • Conducted meeting with stakeholders for alignment on product goals
  • Adapted and Enhanced UX through input from users and industry experts
  • Facilitated design handovers to the development team


Our Approach to the situation

Balancing the need for continuous feature release with a more systematic approach was crucial. We focused on establishing a collaborative system that would help maintain a smooth workflow within the team.

Varied User-Centered Research

Automate User-Inisight Generation

Emphasized Detailed Documentation

Aligning Stakeholder Perspectives


Highlights of the outcome

After a better understanding of the users’ pain points and bringing everyone on the same page, we were able to create a bunch of intuitive solutions that we are proud of.

Redesign of existing features

Diverse Feature Enhacements

Rich Design Inventory and Documentation


During my time with Angelswing, I encountered various challenges and learning opportunities:

  • Gathering user insights from a user base that didn't speak my language required creativity and a lot of assistance
  • The lack of documentation can make the process of managing a platform very tedious and is something that should be prioritized the most
  • Navigating stakeholder alignment is a difficult task but the end results are always rewarding


Website for a vehicle dealership


SaaS Product for the hospitality industry

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