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Web design

I designed a marketing website for a vehicle dealership

My client is a leading car dealership that exclusively sells Tata vehicles. They had slowly taken over the pickup-truck market and as well as the market for other vehicles used by small and large business. They were aiming at expanding their business and decided that they needed a website. They wanted to create a website that would cater to large corporate businesses as well as small businesses.


Vast differences in the user segment

The clients were having difficulty bridging different user segments. They could see that their clientele was almost equally divided between their corporate clients and small businesses. The problem arose when we realized that the organization had relied on different marketing strategies for the two major segmentations and we were unable to move ahead would finding an overlap.

My Role

As the lead UI Designer, I had a few roles to fulfill

  • Set up and conduct user interviews to form user personas that would dictate our design decisions
  • Create interfaces that would cater to both different user groups
  • Collaborate with developers to ensure timely delivery of a developed website


How we solved the problem

It was important for us to create a few bridges between user segmentation. That was clear for us from the start. So our first step was to get in touch with the users (the buyers) right away.

User Interview

User Persona

Visual Design Research


Highlights of the process

Despite there being a massive lack of clarity in the early stages of the design process, we were in a much better state when we moved on to designing the actual website. In the end, we were able to create some UI patterns that we were proud of.

Clear content planning for different user segments

A UI dedicated to comparing vehicles

A form to sell used vehicles


There was a deep lack of clarity early on in the process. However, as we continued to interview users, we gained more insight into their thinking and that slowly helped us plan for the design decisions. One thing is very clear now. It’s very important to trust the process even if everything seems confusing and convoluted at the start.


Project management for a government initiative


SaaS Product for the consturction industry

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